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Dream Funders puts local entrepreneurs together with Louisville’s top venture capitalists and business coaches to create a dramatic exciting television program. It’s Shark Tank meets Life Coach for anyone with a Dream Business idea.  We also allow viewers to participate in crowdfunding the entrepreneur if they like their idea.


Venture Capitalists


Bank Business Loan Officers


Business Coaches


Government Business Development Officials


Successful Entrepreneurs

Be Part of Something Great for the Community

I’m having a blast being on the panel of investors! It is so great to see new faces in the entrepreneurial community come forth and share their stories and ideas. Jennifer Graham

We have seen some interesting ideas and good management teams, and we have made some real investments. Like Shark Tank, this should be an entertaining and educational program. Marty McClelland

Regent Investment Management LLC

We know the common denominators of success and the delicate balance of process and creativity needed to build legacy brands. Micah Buse

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Profit is a reward for serving your fellow man

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